From a highly decorated competition team to the opening of the first restaurant in 2016, RBL always knew that we could do more. The catering and food truck elements of this well-oiled machine really got going in 2019 as a small department ran out of the same kitchen that our first restaurant was. By 2022, it blossomed into what you see today. With a state of the art 4000 sq ft. commissary, RBL Catering and Trucking has the unique ability to create menus and dishes that are specifically tailored to each of our clients. Our World Championship winning BBQ will always be our bread and butter, but we hope this catering team proves to you that we can do MORE. 



Mercedes Harris is the CEO of our RBL Catering & Food Truck LLC. The RBL Catering and Food Truck services is one of the fastest growing catering companies in the Raleigh / Durham area of North Carolina. With the capabilities to feed up to 10,000 people at one time from its newly constructed 4000 sq/ft commissary, RBL Catering still takes the time to provide unique menus and dishes that are specifically tailored for each of their clients as well as its World Championship winning BBQ. Miss Harris comes from a strong food and beverage background. She was a waitress while in school and once she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, accepted her first position at a Hilton hotel as a food and beverage manager. She worked in event management roles for both the Hilton and Marriott franchises until she found her home at The Redneck BBQ Lab. She started as the director of catering and has proven to be a strong asset, hence her current CEO position. “We are excited to see the places she will take this company,” says Jerry Stephenson, co-owner of RBL Ventures Inc. RBL Catering & Food Truck LLC is a division of RBL Ventures Inc. which is the parent company of The Redneck BBQ Lab®, The BBO Lab asLab® as well as The RBL Provision Company®. Together they make up a multiple world-championship winning BBQ team. The company was born in Johnson County North Carolina and does business throughout the eastern part of the United States.